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Art Hotel Debono in Corfu Island

Watch the planes take off above your head at sunset

There are many ways to enjoy a magical sunset in Corfu. A mainstream yet interesting suggestion is to visit the touristy area of Palaiokastritsa and watch the sun set from the Monastery of Panagia Palaiokastritsa, with an amazing view of the Ionian Sea.

Every ten or twenty minutes airplanes will take off right above your head, as the airport is located just some minutes away. This breathtaking picture combined with the sight of the sun slowly diving into the sea is a Corfu highlight.


Immerse yourself in the local culture

Starting from the obvious, no article about Corfu could skip the Easter part. We are talking about the number one tourist destination in Greece during the Easter period, with thousands of tourists coming from all over the world for an experience that moves even the most indifferent to religious matters. The whole thing is not strictly connected with religion, it’s more about culture, music and customs that reflect the history and the spiritual identity of this place.

Art Hotel Debono in Corfu Island
Art Hotel Debono in Corfu Island

Fall in love or stay in love forever

If you like the idea of falling in love or staying in love forever Corfu is your place. According to the legend, if you swim through Canal d’ Amour, a sea tunnel in Sidari, you will meet eternal love at the other side.

But even if you don’t believe in such supernatural narrations, the atmosphere of Corfu is definitely going to affect you. One of the best choices for a romantic walk is Anemomylos, a picturesque windmill in the area of Garitsa that you will reach via a wonderful twenty minute seaside walking route.

Art Hotel Debono in Corfu Island
Art Hotel Debono in Corfu Island

Explore a fortress

The Old Fortress is an architectural masterpiece of the Byzantine and the Venetian period located on the east side of the old city of Corfu. Wander around its paths under the harmonic sounds produced by the students of the Music Department, which is located inside the fortress, go for a romantic date in the battlements and walk up to its top to enjoy the best panoramic view of the old city.

The New Fortress, also called Fortezza Nuova, was constructed by the Venetians during the 16th century, when the Old Fortress was inadequate to protect the city. It is an imposing construction standing over the Old Port of Corfu that suffered severe damage during the consecutive wars. Nowadays it hosts facilities of the Greek Navy, as well as various cultural events.

Feel the rain on your skin

An umbrella is the number one accessory of the island, as rain makes its presence known all year long. The summer period is no exception, with periodical rainfalls even in July and August. Friendly advice: if that happens, don’t let it ruin your stay in Corfu and simply enjoy it. When the crowds start running, grabbing umbrellas and raincoats, simply remember that there is nothing better than swimming in an empty beach under the raindrops.

Art Hotel Debono in Corfu Island