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Situated on the east coast of Corfu in Greece


Explore Gouvia

Gouvia located in the center of the island of Corfu. A village formerly inhabited mainly by fishermen, since the bay of Gouvia was ideal base for fishing boats. With the development of the tourism industry in Corfu from the 70s’, Gouvia evolved as one of the main visitor reception centers in Corfu. The location is ideal for someone who wants to explore Corfu. Just a few minutes from the historical center of Corfu, the airport,the port and Achillion, Gouvia is an ideal starting point for every visitor to the island of Corfu. Furthermore, with ease can be found in some of the most beautiful beaches, such as Barbati, Glyfada, Kontoyalos, Island, Dassia and many others. Also at the bay of Gouvia is one of the most complete infrastructure Mediterranean Marinas, Marina Gouvia. Finally, the visitor in Gouvia can visit some excellent attractions such as the picturesque church of St. Luke, the church of the Ipapanti, the Venetian Shipyard and the Serbian Monument. At Gouvia are dozens of restaurants, cafes, bars and other businesses that satisfy the requirements of the most demanding visitor.

Gouvia Marina

Marina Gouvia is 6 kilometers away from the city of Corfu and only 7 km from Corfu International Airport “Ioannis Kapodistrias”. For many years it was natural harbor in the bay of Gouvia and considered as a natural connection between the Adriatic and the Mediterranean. It is a very modern marina, fully equipped with various amenities. Just off the Marina one finds the tourist resort of Gouvia, where there are many hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes and more. Moreover, the visitor when leaving can see the monument of the Venetian shipyards dating from the 18th century and the Serbian monument in memory of the Serbian army that landed in Corfu in 1916.Marina Gouvia operates throughout the year and 24 hours in 24 hours

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